After hearing so many positive comments about Providence College from our clients, Kera and I just had to drive the 1.5 hours from Marblehead to see it. We were assigned our own private tour guide, Ryan, who showed us academic buildings, several dining areas, the extensive athletic center, and several dorms. We also saw the new Business School building that is opening second semester. There is a very positive vibe about the academics (the two year requires Western Civilizations course is a mainstay to PC academic life) and the sports teams at PC. The day we were there, the soccer team was playing at home for the first round of the NCAA tournament and most students planned to attend. And they all rally around the basketball and hockey teams in the winter, according to Ryan. We ventured out on our own after the tour to visit the Theater building. A student was happy to show us around and she had very positive things to say about the theater arts at Providence.  PC is a college where academics, service, and school spirit come together to form a cohesive student body. We really enjoyed our visit!