The college admission process should be rewarding slider

About Greystone Educational Consulting

At Greystone, every student’s college journey is personal.

​My extensive knowledge of schools and colleges can broaden my client’s potential choices, and provide vital help in weighing factors such as cost, location and curriculum. Your student will have the opportunity to explore a wider variety of options and discuss possibilities in a meaningful way. I am an independent consultant and not tied to any specific school or college, and as such I am willing to consider all possibilities that might be meaningful to your student.

At Greystone Educational Consulting, I think the college admissions process should be an exciting and rewarding time in the lives of high school students. I believe, as an educational consultant, it is an important part of my job not only to help my clients get into a great college, but to help them learn more about themselves in the process. I understand how to foster this outcome by providing attention to each student’s identity as a scholar, athlete, artist, volunteer and member of the community.

When I work with each student and family, I apply my knowledge and energy to their particular set of circumstances in order to guide the student’s personal college journey toward schools that offer the right set of characteristics, always remembering the importance of individual learning style, social manner, academic interests, appropriate level of rigor, extracurricular activities, college size, geographic location, and need for an expansive or more protective school environment.

My work is tailored to the needs of the student and family and includes guidance in college research techniques, college list development, essay writing, resume building, interviewing skills, financial awareness, and the application process. I help each student coordinate all of the interwoven parts of his/her college search in order to develop an individually well-matched and suitably challenging list of colleges. I then guide students through the college application process, teaching each student how to present him or herself in the best possible light, both on paper and in person, in order to optimize individual admissions outcomes.

A large portion of my time is devoted to visiting colleges and continuing professional development. I keep abreast of current trends in college admissions as well as changes happening on individual campuses. Using this knowledge, I introduce students to colleges that match their academic and social goals, often starting conversations about unfamiliar schools that become favorites on the student’s college list.

About Maggie Jackson

Maggie Jackson, Owner, Greystone Consulting GroupMaggie Jackson
Founder, Greystone Educational Consulting

Maggie is founder of Greystone Educational Consulting. Finding the right fit list of colleges for each client and gaining their admission to them is Maggie’s ultimate goal. She does this by visiting many colleges and universities each year, participating as an active associate member of the Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA), and by getting to know her clients’ unique educational and extracurricular goals.

Maggie is a graduate of Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences and has earned her certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from the University of California Irvine. Her past work experience is in public policy administration and university administration. As an assistant to the Provost at Boston University she administered internal and external scholarship programs and helped design new degree initiatives for the University.

Maggie has been working as an IEC for many years and is a professional member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. She works with a limited number of families in order to give prompt, personal attention to each client, and she is committed to getting to know each student and to best identify the group of academically, socially and financially appropriate schools that best fit their list. The close relationship she has with these students enables her to successfully guide the application process, especially the essay writing. She provides expert structure and the tools needed for each student to present their best selves in every part of their application as well as reduce the stress inherent in this process.

Maggie has helped students gain acceptance into many schools, from small liberal arts colleges to large research universities. Students goals and interests range from the undeclared and the fine arts, to computer science, athletic recruits and more. Maggie visits hundreds of campuses across the country to get first-hand knowledge and asks questions with her students’ particular needs in mind. So when she develops her students’ college lists, she can literally picture them on those campuses.

Maggie works with students from both public and private high schools, in New England as well as all over the country such as Los Angeles, New Mexico, Maryland, Connecticut, and more. Since the pandemic began, Maggie has met with her clients via zoom and while this has been an adjustment, she finds it works effectively, especially with things like screen sharing to edit essays and preparing for the Common Application. Going forward, she plans to use this hybrid model – sometimes meeting in-person for intake and essay brainstorming – and sometimes meeting and collaborating over zoom. “This model is especially helpful when students are tired after a long day of school and sports and want to be at home during our meetings together.”

Maggie’s work at the university level has made her particularly mindful of each family’s own personal and economic circumstances. “I believe each college search is an opportunity for self reflection and growth. I embrace this journey with each client and family to prepare them for the next exciting chapter in their lives.” Maggie began her educational consulting path with first-hand experience as she guided her four now grown sons (two sets of twins) in their college search and application processes.

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At Greystone Educational Consulting, my goal is to help my clients get into a great college, as well as become happy, engaged college students and healthy, successful adults. I am a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and proudly serve on their outreach committee.


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