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We know that finding the right college fit starts with a smart college search and application process. We are ready to help you discover the right college for you. Our advising plans are made to order, treating every high school student as a unique individual. Some students come to us excited to get started while others are apprehensive; we help every student begin their college search with confidence by meeting them where they are and forging a path forward together. While we provide professional support to all of our students, we know the reluctant student also needs encouragement, the narrowly-focused student should be developing a broader outlook, and the disorganized student will benefit from a well-structured approach.

Each time we meet a new student and family, the initial conversation includes a discussion of how we can best serve their individual college advising needs. Some families have particular ideas of what they want while others need a plan to get started. Every family receives advice based on the requirements and concerns of their student and we continue to shape and re-shape this plan as the student’s college journey unfolds. We are always happy to discuss how our advising can be tailored to fit your goals.

What We Offer

High School Planning for College
Freshman or Sophomore Year

We will meet with students and parents as early as the summer before freshman year to advise on curricular and extracurricular high school planning. Our focus is on making appropriate choices that will positively impact both the high school experience and the college search and application process.

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College Search and Application Advising Starting Junior Year Through Graduation
Junior year of high school is when we get started with students on the college search process. Every student’s college search dovetails with the application process starting the summer before senior year. Our comprehensive advising includes help with college decisions right through the summer following senior year.

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Customized Advising Blocks  
Some students and families have requests for very specific guidance pertaining to the college or application process. We are happy to discuss how we can meet these needs as they come up during your journey.

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You helped Nicholas understand how much colleges would want to hear about his Russian life, how his distinctive outlook would be welcome on American campuses. Now he just has to choose which college he wants to attend.

Alexander K.

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At Greystone Educational Consulting, our goal is to help our clients get into a great college, as well as become happy, engaged college students and healthy, successful adults.

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