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At Greystone Educational Consulting, we believe the college admissions process should be an exciting and rewarding time in the lives of high school students. If you are ready to start your college search, we can apply our knowledge and know-how to your situation in order to direct you forward with confidence showing you where to start and how to navigate this multi-faceted process.

Our advice is made-to-order for each student and becomes more personalized as the client-consultant relationship becomes stronger and we journey through the junior year of high school and the college admissions process together. We define all the choices a student may make so he/she can start to think about and articulate what choices feel right. We discuss academic and social fit, big vs. small schools, city vs. campus schools, core curriculum, Greek life, financial aid and so on.

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We then listen to feedback from the student and help decide what choices would serve him/her well. We identify a range of colleges and then provide individualized guidance through each step of the application process. When complete, his/her application will introduce your unique and qualified student to the admissions directors at an appropriate and exciting range of colleges.


Maggie Jackson and Kera Dalton with studentGetting the Most Out of High School

It’s important for high school students to concentrate on all things high school especially as they are starting out freshman year and into sophomore year. We don’t recommend discussing college until the end of sophomore year at the earliest.

Having said that, there are some areas that we can help them with that will not only help make their high school years positive but will be constructive for their college admissions process as well. There is no magic formula but there are choices to be made throughout the high school years that will empower each student to stretch him or herself academically, take some chances on new activities and adventures, and grow socially and emotionally.

We provide guidance for each varied and successive step along this path.





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