College Search and Application Advising Starting Junior Year Through Graduation

Our advice is made-to-order for each client and becomes more personalized as the client-consultant relationship becomes stronger and we journey through junior year of high school and the college search and application process together. An initial two-hour meeting with the student and parents establishes an open dialogue and places the student in the driver’s seat of the college search. We help the student and family define realistic and personal goals based on academic performance, areas of interest and accomplishment, financial considerations, and geographic choices.

We identify a “working list” of schools that, over time and with input from the student and parents, becomes a final list of colleges, each of which are a good match academically, socially, and financially. Finally, we provide individualized guidance through each step of the application process so that when complete, his/her application will introduce each unique and qualified student to the admissions directors at an appropriate and exciting range of colleges.

Learn what we offer starting Junior year:
Starting junior year through high school graduation our advising includes:

  • Two-hour meeting with student and parents

  • Review of prior academic accomplishments

  • Advice on final course selections

  • Recommendations for extracurricular involvement and leadership

  • Standardized testing recommendations (SAT, ACT, subject tests, test prep options)

  • Ideas for summer involvement between junior and senior year

  • In depth interview on college preferences of both student and parents

  • Personality survey/intake interest survey of academic and social preferences

  • Action plan with organizational timeline

  • Preparation of a working, then final list of colleges that is uniquely suited to the student

  • Advice on college trip planning and successful college visits

  • Discussing application options (early decision, early action, and regular decision)

  • Essay brainstorming and development

  • Editing of Common Application essay and supplemental essays

  • Editing of activities resume

  • Review of applications

  • Preparation for college interviews, including mock interview

  • Advice on financial best fit

  • Help with making final choice once decisions are received

Maggie – Thank you so much for all of your help with the college process. I would not have been admitted to Connecticut College without your guidance and I am very grateful!

Katie R.

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At Greystone Educational Consulting, our goal is to help our clients get into a great college, as well as become happy, engaged college students and healthy, successful adults.

Kera and Maggie are both Associate Members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association.


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